Remortgage for home improvements with bad credit
Remortgage following renovation even with bad credit

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Remortgage to finance home improvements

A bad credit history should not stop you from applying for a remortgage to improve your home. Depending on the scale of the planned renovation you may qualify for a remortgage based on the future renovated property value with stage payments made at specified stages of the renovation. If this is something you are thinking about give Lawrie Mortgages a call and see what options are open to you.

Find you the best remortgage for home improvements

Your mortgage adviser will assess your case and recommend a lender that best suits your current circumstances and renovation/home improvement plans with the aim of getting you the best deal available. When you are ready to move forward your mortgage adviser will perform a fee free lender agreement in principle.

Your mortgage adviser will ensure the lender agreement in principle will help your full remortgage application provide the expected outcome of mortgage offer. They will ensure the information provided for your agreement in principle can be verified, through documentation, at the full mortgage application stage thereby greatly reducing any unexpected lender underwriter queries.

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