Remortgage for a better deal with bad credit
Having started your credit repair get closer to main stream lending

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Get closer to main stream lending

There are many reasons why you would consider a remortgage after a fixed term mortgage deal. One reason we are familiar with is moving from a bad credit specialist lender to a high street lender, or certainly closer to main stream lending.

You may be coming to the end of your bad credit specialist lender mortgage deal having experienced credit difficulties in the past. Your credit file may be on the mend and you want to remortgage with a main stream lender and, if possible, with one of the more recognisable high street lenders and benefit from the more favourable mortgage deals.

Your mortgage adviser will assess your case and recommend a lender that best suits your current circumstances with the aim of getting you the best deal available to you. When you are ready to move forward your mortgage adviser will perform a fee free lender agreement in principle.

Your mortgage adviser will ensure the lender agreement in principle will help your full remortgage application provide the expected outcome of mortgage offer. They will ensure the information provided for your agreement in principle can be verified, through documentation, at the full mortgage application stage thereby greatly reducing any unexpected lender underwriter queries.

Change in circumstances

Since you last applied for a mortgage your credit status may have changed. Having bad credit doesn't mean you can't remortgage for a new mortgage deal. If you are coming to the end of your current lender's mortgage deal and you just need time to repair your credit file give Lawrie Mortgages a call .

We will look to recommend a mortgage deal from a bad credit specialist mortgage lender that best suits your current circumstances. This will help you with budgeting for future mortgage payments giving you some breathing space to repair your credit file over the term of the mortgage deal. When the mortgage deal comes to an end we can look at remortgaging to get you back into main stream lending having improved your credit file.

Lawrie Mortgages take the long term view when giving mortgage advice and want to nurture long term relationships with all our clients. We are here to help and guide you get back to main stream lending at the earliest possible time.

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