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Change in circumstances since your last mortgage application?

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Life and Changes

Your last mortgage application was probably some years ago and in that time there may have been a number of changes to your circumstances. Some changes would probably have little to no affect on any future mortgage application while others could have quite an impact. Two of the main categories are listed below,

  • Change in employment status

    Changing your employment status from permanent, full-time to self-emoployed can have a huge affect, particularly if your venture has only been active for little over a year. Changing to part-time, contract or agency worker are also changes that may affect any future mortgage application.

  • Adverse credit

    Life has a habit of throwing the unexpected at us at the most inappropriate moments. If this results in financial difficulties culminating in recorded adverse credit on your credit file this could have a devastating affect on any furture mortgage application.

Either of the changes listed above may result in your bank declining you for a mortgage to enable you to make your home move. Don't let this stop you and give Lawrie Mortgages a call . We understand how isolating, frustrating, this can be but know we can help having access to specialist lenders who take a more pragmatic view when assessing your circumstances for mortgage application.

How We Can Help

Lawrie Mortgages are a specialist broker and accounting for change in circumstances that are affecting our clients' mortgage applications is, simply, what we do every day. We will take the time to understand your current circumstances and start to try and match them with, of the many specialist lenders we have access to, mortgage criteria.

Your mortgage adviser will go through his recommended mortgage product so you understand every aspect of it. Once you are happy with the explanation and agreed to move forward your mortgage adviser will perform a fee free lender agreement in principle.

Your mortgage adviser will ensure the lender agreement in principle will help your full mortgage application provide the expected outcome of mortgage offer. They will ensure the information provided for your agreement in principle can be verified, through documentation, at the full mortgage application stage thereby greatly reducing any unexpected lender underwriter queries.

As you would expect, there are times when we may be unable to help you at the time of your mortgage enquiry. However, we won't leave it there - we will followup with a road map as to what you might consider doing to help with being considered for a mortgage application in the furture. Building long lasting, beneficial relationships, is what we are all about

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