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Government sponsered schemes to get you on the property ladder

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Why Help to Buy?

Property prices have seen a terrific rise in the last decade with wages bearly keeping up. This has left a huge group of people unable to save for a deposit and enjoy the security of home ownership. Help to Buy offer a solution. There are spcialist lenders that will offer Help to Buy mortgages to buyers with bad credit.

Lawrie Mortgages has access to such lenders and will guide you through the whole process.

What you need to know

Equity share Help to Buy

First time buyers only

New builds only through a scheme sponsering developer

Subject to regional property price caps

Scheme provides up to 20% deposit loan leaving you to raise at least 5% deposit. You have the opprotunity to repay the loan whilst living at the property or surrender up to 20% of the equity on any sale.

Shared ownership Help to Buy

First time buyers and home movers

Scheme offered through recognised housing associations

Minimum 25% share purchase

You will be required to pay a competitive rent on the remaining housing associations share with an option to purchase further shares in the future.

What next?

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