First time buyer with bad credit?
We will guide you through the whole buying process

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Where to Start

Buying your first home is daunting enough. Throw in a mortgage coupled with a history of bad credit and it can get overwhelming. Don't let that stop you from realising your dream of home ownership and give Lawrie Mortgages a call . We understand what it is like to enter this arena for the first time and will guide you every step of the way.

If you haven't already, we will help with getting your credit file. We will explain how the entries on your file may affect your mortgage application. Once we have assessed your credit file we will ask for more information to enable your mortgage adviser to research the whole mortgage market to find you the most suitable mortgage for your circumstances.

Your mortgage adviser will go through his recommended mortgage product so you understand every aspect of it. Once you are happy with the explanation and agreed to move forward your mortgage adviser will perform a fee free lender agreement in principle.

Your mortgage adviser will ensure the lender agreement in principle will help your full mortgage application provide the expected outcome of mortgage offer. They will ensure the information provided for your agreement in principle can be verified, through documentation, at the full mortgage application stage thereby greatly reducing any unexpected lender underwriter queries.

Additional Guidance

Your mortgage adviser will also be able to offer guidance with the following,

  • Conveyancing quotes

    You will need a conveyancer to complete your purchase. Your mortgage adviser will be able to provide competitive quotes and explain how and where conveyancing fits into the buying cycle.

  • Building insurance quotes

    To complete your purchase the lender will insist on buildings insurance. Your mortgage adviser will be able to provide competitive quotes for buildings and contents insurance.

  • Mortgage Protection

    Your mortgage adviser will also be able to advise on a range of mortgage protection products. Moreover, he will have access to the whole protection market to help ensure competitve quotes.

Lawrie Mortgages are able to guide you through the whole buying process ensuring you understand what is required from yourself and what the likely costs are going to be. Moreover, your mortgage adviser will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

What next?

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