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What is a lender AIP?

An agreement in principle (AIP) is a certificate issued by the majority of lenders confirming that, in principle, they would be prepared to consider lending you the amount printed on the certificate. It is important to understand it is not an offer of mortgage, but gives a good indication of any likely outcome of a full mortgage application.

Before you start house hunting it would be a good idea to obtain an AIP. This will help you narrow down your search to properties to within the price range that fits your circumstances. And, when you have found your dream home, you will have the confidence to make a serious offer to purchase.

If you make an offer through an estate agent normally they will ask to see an AIP before accepting and putting forward any offer you may make to the vendor.


To provide your fee free AIP your mortgage adviser will follow the steps below,

  • Gather information

    They will gather all relevant information from you and, any other applicants, to enable them to make a recommendation of mortgage.

  • Submit request for AIP to recommended lender

    Once agreed, they will submit your request for AIP to the lender you have agreed upon. They will inform you of the type of credit search the lender will perform. Normally this will be a soft credit search which will have no impact on your credit score. But, if it is a hard credit search they will explain the difference and how it will affect your credit file before submission.

  • Provide you with the AIP certificate

    If the request for an AIP is successful, they will provide you with the lender AIP certificate.

All this will be done fee FREE. Our brokerage fee only becomes payable on a full mortgage application.

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