Our mortgage enquiry process
From your initial enquiry through to mortgage offer

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Once you have made contact your mortgage adviser (who will be your point of contact throughout the entire process) will ask you some questions. This can be done by telephone or, if you prefer, a video conference call.

At this initial stage your mortgage adviser may well ask you to enquire about your credit file .

Your mortgage adviser will know what information to ask for to enable them to check your eligibility. If you don't have the information to hand they will be able to advice on how and where to obtain it.

Once your mortgage adviser has all the information they need and is satisfied you are eligible to apply for a mortgage they will start their research. This will include comparing your circumstances with lender criteria followed by comparing rates to ensure you get the best mortgage choice. If necessary your mortgage adviser will talk to lending underwriters to help make sure their recommendation results in a successful mortgage application.

Your mortgage adviser will fully appreciate the importance of this step and will use their expertise to ensure they get it right.

Now saitisfied the best mortgage choice has been made your adviser will start your mortgage application with the selected lender on your behalf. You will be kept in the loop at all times. We understand that this can be a stressful time but we will do everything we can to try and alleviate the stress.

Your mortgage adviser will guide and advise right to the point of offer of mortgage ensuring the offer of mortgage contains what you applied for and you fully understand your obligations should you decide to take it up.

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