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Why choose Lawrie Mortgages to find your best mortgage?


We compare the WHOLE mortgage and protection market that includes lenders who will consider a history of bad credit. With our expert help you will make the best mortgage choice.


Right through the whole process from your initial enquiry to offer of mortgage your point of contact will be your specialist mortgage adviser. They will be on hand at all times to advise and answer any questions you may have promptly and in terms you will understand.


Rest assured, we will not quit until we have explored every avenue to get you the mortgage to complete the transaction you need to move on. This is what we specialise in.

Turned down by your bank for a mortgage?

Doesn't mean you can't get a mortgage!

We have a wealth of experience in bad credit, specialist mortgages. We compare the WHOLE of the mortgage market which gives us access to all the specialist lenders and exclusive deals.

Whatever reason your bank gave, whether,

  • Bad credit
  • Poor credit score
  • Partner has bad credit, but good income
  • Self-employed

..give us a call and sit back - we will not quit until we have explored every avenue to getting you a mortgage.