Declined a mortgage and running out of patience?
Whatever the reason, bad credit, employment status etc, we can help

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Declined a mortgage?

First port of call when looking for a mortgage is probably your bank or exisitng mortgage lender. If you get declined don't let this stop you from exploring alternative avenues. As specialist mortgage brokers, whatever the reason for the decline, there is every chance we will be able to help. Here are some situations that may be familiar to you,

  • Bank tells you to get your credit file

    You may have experienced some financial difficulties in the past not realising their significance now. We will guide you as to how to obtain a copy of your credit file and explain it's contents and their significance when applying for a mortgage.

  • Partner has bad credit but good income

    When your partner has bad credit but good income the option of applying for a mortgage in your name only may not be viable, mainly due to meeting the lender's affordability criteria. This is a situation we can help with.

  • Change in employment status

    Change in employment status from your last mortgage application, or a very recent change, can have a serious impact on any new mortgage application. Such changes may include from employed to self-employed or permanent to temporary agency work. Whatever the change give Lawrie Mortgages a call and let us find the best mortgage solution.

We'll find a solution

We understand the frustration that follows a mortgage decline and will persevere until we find the best solution for you.

The first thing we'll do is get a total understanding as to why you were declined. Once established we will move to gather further supporting information from yourselves with the aim of getting you an agreement in principle with the lender offering the best terms for your circumstances.

This will enable you to move on with your original plans.

What next?

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