Getting a mortgage with bad credit
How to find out whether you have bad credit and what it means

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Get your credit file!

This is your most important source of information you have full access to that may affect your mortgage choice. Lenders will use the information found on your credit file when making lending decisions and, in many instances, your credit file will be the overriding factor when they make their final decision as to whether to lend. There are three main credit reference agencies that lenders use.

It is not unusual to find that each of these credit reference agencies hold differing information on you so it would be beneficial to get reports from all the agencies and compare what information each one holds on you, all the time checking for possible mistakes. When visiting their respective websites you may find that each will offer a free trial period allowing you time to obtain your credit file.

Checkmyfile offer a convenient multi-agency credit report which includes all of the above agencies and, like the agencies listed above, may offer a free trial period.

Types of bad credit

Bad credit comes in many forms with each lender viewing each in their own unique way when considering applications for a mortgage. We will take a look at the more frequently arising forms and see how each may affect your mortgage application.


Missed payments

Mortgage arrears

County Court Judgements (CCJ's)

Debt Management Plans (DMP's)


Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA's)


If you have recently been declined for a mortgage you may well find the overriding reason could be that one, or more, of the above bad credit forms appears on your credit file held with one of the credit reference agencies.

That is why it is important you make enquiries regarding your credit file so we can see what exactly is listed to ensure your next application is placed with the best lender.

Lawrie Mortgages can help you with this, guiding and advising you through the whole process, even if you have recently been declined for a mortgage.

Low credit scores and Payday Loans

Low credit score and/or no credit history at all could have an adverse affect on a mortgage application. This is because lenders want to know how you have managed credit in the past and if there is no credit history to view on your credit file this reduces their ability to assess how you would probably manage credit in the future.

Payday loans can also have an adverse affect on your mortgage application.

But there are lenders that take a more holistic view of any mortgage application you make, and we can help you find them.

Application process

If you have bad credit choosing the best lender first time round is so very important. You really can not afford to rackup hard credit searches on your credit file in a relatively short period of time. That is why, here at Lawrie Mortgages, we ensure we perform thorough research before committing you to any mortgage application.

We will guide you through the entire application process being on hand to advise and answer any questions.

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