Can I get a mortgage with late payments?

If you have an account, such as a credit card account, that requires regular monthly payments you may experience times when you are unable to make the payment at the agreed date. Many providers of such accounts will allow a period of grace to correct the situation, usually 2 - 3 weeks, before they will register it with the credit reference agencies as a late or missed payment.

Late or missed payments registered on your credit file within the last 6 years will probably affect your credit score which inturn affect any mortgage application you may make.

Many lenders will consider a mortgage application from an individual with late or missed payments registered on their credit file and Lawrie Mortgages will help you make the best mortgage choice.

What if you have other bad credit

If you have multiple late or missed payments and/or other bad credit registered on your credit report it is important you get in touch so we can start checking your eligibility for any mortgage application. It is important your application, or next application, is with the best mortgage option to dramatically increase your chances of being approved for a mortgage.

What now?

Simple, get in touch. Before you do you may want to enquire about your credit file as your mortgage adviser will more than likely ask you for it as it will form part of his research in finding your best mortgage choice. As with all mortgages there is no guarantee you will be accepted for mortgage following application but going through Lawrie Mortgages and letting us help you make the best mortgage choice will greatly increase your chances. Any successful mortgage application will rely on your own personal circumstances which will include your income and affordability as assessed by the respective lender underwriting.

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